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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton: Superflat Monogram

Only because I love Takashi Murakami, not LV...This collaboration (or did LV buy Murakami entirely, perhaps?) raises questions on art's authenticity when used in the context of brand rejuvenation/promotion. Does this functional application of art on product add or subtract value from the art and the artist? How is the big brand affected?

Does adding art to the branding mix actually increase sustainability?

Consider that this combination of a great talent and a luxury MNC brand certainly bore fruit (and unimaginable profit)!!! Now so many MNC brands seek out artists to create limited edition/specialty products, from sportswear companies to drinks...truly redefines the concept of the starving artist, perhaps?

Perhaps for art to survive, there will be no such thing as "selling out" anymore, instead, being able to "collaborate" (one wonders about the contractual terms and legalities in this transaction) with a famous brand has become an ideal does this make the resultant (and arguably mass-produced) artwork more or less desirable/valuable?

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