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Friday, March 26, 2010

Inspirational people & places: Julia Faye, Marty Dillon, we're not-so-secretly admiring you

We follow this great blog by London College of Fashion (LCoF) MA candidate Julia Faye (her links and research are pretty darn good to click-through on too). Gushing here, but her work is really directive and visionary, yet her approach is so relatable and down-to-earth.

At our meeting with Marty we had a discussion on how it seems lots of initiative within the sustainability movement is stemming from the UK, notably the Ethical Fashion Forum and LCof's Centre for Sustainable Fashion, which organises some really cool competitions as well...who wouldn't be excited about Fashioning the Future? (RMIT kids take note!)

We have realised that currently the concept "sustainability in fashion business practice" is a complex mix (or, as the inner cynic grunts: "a huge-ass can of worms") of multiple elements, including
  • socio-economic development, (we need to stand back and look at the big picture, post-recession)
  • supply chain management, 
  • logistics (and the resulting carbon footprint), 
  • labour (and ethically sourced manufacturing service providers), 
  • materials and fabrication (we had some heated discussion on bamboo and the greenwashing it has undergone despite it being hyped up rayon), 
  • marketing (how do you tell if it's greenwashing or not?), and of course, 
  • how altered design can lead to better waste management and longer product life cycle. 
And of course, sometimes the inner cynics manifested themselves in questioning whether people are even interested in changing their lifestyles, mindsets and perspectives for positive change...

Does it cost too much? Is it too much trouble? Do people even care?

The Restructors are petting this elephant in the room and wrestling these issues intellectually and hope to find resolution through this and related projects...In the meantime, spread the word and join us! 

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