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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stylish DIYs: Lingerie, ’40s Scarf Tying Tips, and More « Off the Rack: Fashion Style

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-Craftstew has a round-up of over 70 free lingerie patterns, including bras, camisoles, skivvies, and slips.  If you’re into the whole innerwear as outerwear thing (a la Ms. Susie Bubble of late), you could craft your your own custom (and incredible) bra tops and corsets! (via whip up)

-Love scarves but have run out of ideas on how to style them?  Take a cue from the past and check out these super inspiring scarf [tying] tricks from 1944, via Casey’s Elegant Musings.  The gigantic bow-tied scarf shown on the second page is incredibly dramatic and, really, so very now…

-Oversized necklaces and neckpieces made of yarn seem to be having a big moment right now, no?  Bleubird Vintage offers up the details on how to craft your own Pom Pom Necklace…and even offers up a plethora of styling suggestions/ways to wear it once you’re done.  Sweet!

-Like to sew your own dresses?  I just heard that indie sweetheart designer Wendy Mullin has a new book out, Built By Wendy Dresses. According to the cover, it’s got patterns for making over 25 frocks inside…so many possibilities!
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