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Monday, August 29, 2011

More Recycled Paper Furniture

Recycled Paper Furniture that is also truly inspirational modular design!

Beautifully described: 
"softseating uses honeycomb structure and fans open into stools, benches, and loungers. Each piece of softseating has magnetic end panels, allowing an element to connect to itself, forming a cylindrical stool or low table, or to connect to other elements of the same size in series, creating long winding benches and endless possibilities for seating topographies. The beauty of these pieces is that they are sculpturally abstract forms, each made from a single material, that can be used creatively and interchangeably as seating or low tables."

The idea of playing with furniture and space simultaneously seems like infinite fun!

DIY Magazine Stool & Recycled Paper Furniture

...wondering if it would also work with Yellow Pages with the sides painted, and straps made from elastic or discarded bag straps...the base is probably more tricky to source and perhaps needs some carpentry skills...

With all the paper waste that life generates, be it at work or at home, it seems a good/sustainable idea to find new and innovative ways to create raw material through recycling waste paper, use it for furnishing, thus effectively creating new product life-cycles without using up more virgin wood resources...

Perhaps the challenge is in durability and long-term functionality in view of daily wear/tear. Paper is still seen as disposable and/or not as strong as conventional furnishing materials such as wood/plastic/leather/etc. We have to rethink the concept of sustainability in our furnishings when considering waste paper as a new raw material.