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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Re-Thinking Re-Working Re-Evaluating

Sometimes you need someone to figuratively slap you on the back of the head to wake you from a haze of confusion, procrastination and distraction.

Someone to see everything for what it really is and what it should be (since your vision is compromised) and then cut through situational/circumstantial crap with mind-blowing advice, the wisdom of experience and the samurai blade of honesty.

That brain-slap hurts. The truth hurts, and attempting to deflect the tension with frivolity seems lame. And then you let the pain sink in, slowly soak the advice up (it's exactly like drinking coffee or soup that's scaldingly hot at first, but then later, after the initial pain you start to really taste it), and start thinking, planning, taking action.

Ambition is great, it creates drive and feeds motivation. But it also causes impatience for achievement and possibly leads to a sense of inflated ability/capability and a lack of perspective when it comes to the proverbial eggs in baskets.

Trying to hatch eggs spread out in too many baskets is not sustainable, and with the limited resources we have, it would be delusional to expect any success coming from all these different ventures. Haste makes Waste. We must stop, re-evaluate, focus.

We need to stop preaching and start doing, cease the theory-mongering and just get down to creating and working. Once again, that empty vessel named "Body of Work" cries out to be filled, and we must no longer ignore that call.

If you do not do/act, you waste away and die.
Knowledge to Application. Theory to Practice. Thoughts to Deeds.
And hopefully Vision to Fruition.

Watch out for what we do next, and you will see what all this means.

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