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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Knitting/Crocheting with just your Hands

My late-blooming fascination with knitting and crocheting stems from the desire to create fabric from scratch with the absolute freedom of customisation. Making a fully formed garment or accessory/object from just yarn and knitting/crochet needles is a skill I used to take for granted (even thought it was terribly boring!). My grandmother and nanny were both highly-skilled and often made me things I now know are remnants of a luxury I failed to appreciate as a child.

A recent discovery of the ease and speed of crochet, a beautiful book on Pineapple Lace, as well as a nagging need to learn how to knit with just one's fingers (having watched a senior incorporate such motifs into her graduate collection led to a gnawing curiosity) has led to the unearthing of these DIY video gems:

As usual, one finds that the Japanese-originated resources always present innovation and new methods of working your paws and that yarn into new formations:

This lady has her own YouTube channel devoted to teaching different methods; well worth watching even if you do not understand the voice-over instructions.

Of course, just getting a crochet needle is no big leap, though the thought of spending on additional hardware might incur some guilt!

Currently I am obsessed with the idea that random irregularity in the process of making, as well as combination with other crafting methods (e.g. applique, beading, embroidery, heat-process, felting, etc) could create unpredictable objects of beauty.

Let the experimentation begin!

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