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Saturday, January 22, 2011

BETWEEN THE FOLDS - Origami mania!

Possibly the most inspiring film I have ever seen...something to add to the DVD library, for sure. Plus it's multiple-award-winning, and one can see why. Now to hunt it down...

THIS was what began my papercraft craze.

And then, as if this inspiration tsunami is not enough...we see the return of Issey Miyake himself! 
What a marvellous revival of handmade artforms, now turbo-boosted by technology to morph a relatively simple idea into an amazing object of beauty.

(Sidenote: Miyake could be considered the original master of modern and completely functional 2D-to-3D-to-2D origami garments. As an example, PLEATS PLEASE products are still cult and coveted, even considered timeless classics now. And that was...2 decades ago!  Now was he also a true eco-futurist, considering his preference for infinitely recyclable, mouldable, sculptable polyester? Anti-synthetic fibre advocates will disagree, and, despite its potential for cradle to cradle manufacturing, polyester is still perceived as uncomfortable and unsafe. Food for thought, and for further research and development.)

Issey Miyake's new 132 5 collection, developed with Reality Lab, is created from 1 piece of cloth and transforms from 3D to 2D, and can be worn various ways (I am guessing...5?). How many boxes have been ticked off here? A zero-waste approach, utilising recycled PET polyester, which is also recyclable, multifunctional transformer-garments with an incredible heritage and story, therefore greatly desirable...a lot of eco-design ground seems to have been covered here!
The Google Translate version of the exhibition review, which isn't perfect English, but you'll get the gist of it.

So here's a success formula already out-to-market, now all we have to look into is labour, ethics, garment care, water-use, carbon footprint, social and cultural responsibility, supply chain, and of course, the cost...*grunt* let me just fold this bit of paper for now...

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