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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Inspirational Design/Construction


made by SOFTlab:

Watching this fascinating animation of a Paul Poiret dress construction, one cannot help but recall: this designer is arguably one of the primary 20th Century "liberators" of women's bodies from the confines of the corset/girdle.

(And perhaps a thorn among the roses, considering Vionnet, Lanvin and Chanel...which bring to mind the question: how many male designers really know how to dress women without enforcing various unattainable ideals upon them? Then again, does not fashion itself create and propagate unattainable ideals?)

He had his heyday 100 years ago, yet the shapes and designs of his garments are utterly modern, relevant, and present. Don't you also see endless DVF copies in this wrap dress design? True timelessness, in this fashion, seems to be an endless permutation/exploration of simple methods or formulae; once pioneered, reproduced forever.

Poiret_White-Dress from SOFTlab on Vimeo.

It might be a simple formula: design and construction from simplistic geometric shapes, while simultaneously utilising drape and fabrication to allow the body to enjoy comfort and movement, creating a garment that communicates its own beauty while on the body.


Of course, we cannot stay forever in this stagnant spot of endlessly reproducing what previous pioneers have created. Looking at Holly McQuillan's zero-waste work, we can see true innovation and creativity spurring on greater and more sustainable design development, higher efficiency/productivity, and possibly an altered fashion aesthetic.

For what is creativity without deeper discovery?

What is extraordinary is how artistically beautiful the patterns within the pattern lay are, and how poetic it is that this transforms from a 2D art-piece into a 3D wearable art-piece.
This 21st Century pioneer deserves more awards for her work!

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