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Friday, April 30, 2010


Recently I discovered the joy of pompom making. Let’s just say I’m a little obsessed, having made over 60 in under a week. When I first started, I was using old wool from home. This supply quickly ran out, so I needed to find more wool. I did buy a few balls of acrylic wool from a local $2 shop but thought there must be something more sustainable out there. If you want to stick with wool, try your local op shop.

I have a lot of scrap fabric at home, left over from other projects. So I started putting this to good use. I simply tore this fabric into thin strips to replace the wool. The results are rather interesting. I was only working in white, but I can’t wait to try some colour combinations. There are some great online tutorials out there.

This shows a quick way of making pompoms:

This way takes a lot longer, but you don’t need to cut the pompom back and I think it produces a nicer result.

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